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Jon Calipes asked 10 months ago

Hi Sir. Need your response on this.

I need the NSO Birth Certificate of my parents because this will be used as a requirement to have them as my dependents in Healthcard. Suddenly, when I was able to have my request, the Mall told me that my parents’ birth year may not be registered in NSO. If ever they can’t bring me the NSO Birth Certificate I need due to its inexistence in the registry, my payment to them is not refundable. They told me also that I must check it into the respective provinces of my parents. But I have no time to check it personally because aside from proximity of location, I have no time for it because of my work. My question is, can I check it online, the registration of my parents in the NSO? So before I request for it, I will have the assurance that my money paid for it will not be wasted.

Thank you very much!

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Janese Ruiz Staff answered 10 months ago

Hello Jon, kung nagbayad ka sa mall for the PSA copy birth cert. of your parents, they should release a PSA copy of birth cert may error mn o wala or negative results. Then yung PSA copy na may error o di kaya negative saka yun aayusin sa munisipyo kung saan naka registered ang birth cert. ng parents mo. Di parin masasayang yung binayad mo kasi yung PSA na copy na niri-release ng PSA isa yun sa requirements ng munisipyo kung may itutuwid dun sa mismong Birth Cert.