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How to shop safely at

The best things are now being sold in the internet which is why most people swim in the pool... Read more
SSS Hotline

Updated SSS Hotline Numbers (24-Hour) call center

The BPO industry has taken its toll here in our country and it has proven to the eyes of... Read more
Holiday budget

Spending the Holidays on a Budget

Filipinos are known to be one of the few nations who really make an effort to spend the holidays... Read more

What Are The State Universities And Colleges, Local Universities And College Covered By The...

It was last Thursday  when President Rodrigo Duterte signed a law providing free education for over a million students... Read more

What to Do if You Win the 1 Billion Lotto Jackpot?

With no winner still, everyone is hopeful to grab the 6/58 grand prize. If you've been living under a... Read more

What is an eTitle and Why do We Need to Utilize it?

We are currently living in the generation of technological advancements. Right now, everything can be done in just one... Read more
How to get new Postal ID

How to Get New Postal ID

For those who are asking how to get new Postal ID, I will simplify the steps in this article,... Read more
Forgotten SSS number

How to retrieve lost or forgotten SSS Number

Sometimes, we can get clumsy and forget about certain things most especially if we do not have something to... Read more
Fix Birth Certificate Problems

Birth Certificate Problems: Frequently Ask Questions with Answers

In our previous published articles, we share to you some guides How to correct erroneous entries in Birth Certificate, filing... Read more

How to Stop Facebook from Tracking you Everyday

Earlier this month Facebook started to use browsing history to monitor your everyday activities online and use this data to... Read more

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