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PhilHealth, SSS, and Pag-IBIG Contributions

How can You Check if Your PhilHealth, SSS, and Pag-IBIG Contributions are Being Paid...

Here in the Philippines, being an employee imposes a lot of benefits. Other than the fact that you automatically... Read more
Think before you share

Fact-checking what you post or share on Facebook

For the youth and some adults, Facebook is one of the few best and easiest ways in being aware... Read more

Locking and Unlocking your Security Bank ATM card

Our world is now filled with technological advancements, even the ability to send and receive money can be done... Read more

Required Information That Will Be Stored And Used In The National ID System

A few months back, we're able to confirm about the National ID System here in our country. If you... Read more
Baggage allowance

2018 Middle East Airlines Baggage Allowance Guide

Every year, baggage rules from the Philippines, and even different parts of the world change. The weight, the price,... Read more
Investments you can make with Php20,000

Investments you can make with Php20,000 or less

Financial education as entrepreneurs said, are not taught and learned in school which is why many Filipinos are struggling... Read more

How to Apply Pag-IBIG Fund Housing Loan Online

The Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF), more popularly known as the Pag-IBIG Fund, was an answer to the need... Read more
SSS maternity Benefits

How Much Will I Get If I Avail For An SSS Maternity Benefit?

Having a newborn isn’t that simple. We may be psychologically prepared but if you come to think of it,... Read more

Countries That Allow Dual Citizenship And Countries That Don’t

In our time now, dual citizenship is a big topic. Why? Because having two citizenships can give you tons... Read more
How to Renew PRC License

How to renew PRC License

It is hard to tell why but there are a lot of things that expire; our driver’s licenses, our... Read more

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