Nail Snap

What’s New in Wearable Tech?

As technology advances more and more, it seems to become smaller and smaller. So small, that now, people can... Read more

Nokia Getting Back in the Game – How So?

Nokia is slowly and quietly pulling up its game again. With Samsung and Apple taking over the smart phone... Read more
Uses of google glass

Unconventional Uses for Google Glass

One of the most talked about innovation in the tech world currently is the launching of the Google Glass.... Read more
Android Kitkat

Android 4.4 Kitkat coming soon

I'm excited for rumors circulating online about the release of the new version Android 4.4 Kitkat, named from one... Read more
best cars of 2015

Best Cars of 2014

Every January, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is held in the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States,  this is an... Read more
What Makes Android So Inevitable

What Makes Android So Inevitable

Android is undoubtedly one of the two most popular operating systems that are ruling over the smartphone market and... Read more
Unshackle your thoughts

Unshackle your Thoughts from your Circumstances

Maybe you have a very strong desire of becoming one of the richest people the world has seen but... Read more

OnePlus One Smartphone Great Features Affordable Price

Brands like Apple and Samsung may dominate in the world of smartphones, but that isn’t stopping startups from competing.... Read more

Best free games for Android and iOS devices

I will share with you the two best free games you can download on Google Play if you are... Read more
free font apps for iPhone

The 10 Free Font Apps for iPhone Which Will Mesmerize You

Much unlike Android apps iPhone apps are mostly paid and damn expensive to download. A user is always hard... Read more

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