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Samsung Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review

The future is slowly becoming a brink of ultimate fiction because of the continuous improvements in the world of... Read more
Unused computer parts

Old and Unused Computer Parts: What to do with them?

With the start of the booming of laptops, tablets, and smartphones, people started to neglect and to disregard its... Read more
Interesting facts about mobile phone

10 Interesting Facts about Mobile Phones you Probably Didn’t Know

If I am to sum up our generation in words, I would choose the words Technology, Smartphones, and the... Read more
How to clean your laptop

How to Clean your laptop

If you ever wondered why sometimes your laptop looks old, messy, and performs not-so-well, it may be because it... Read more
hidden Samsung test menu

Hidden Samsung Test Menu

A few of us know a lot about Samsung smartphones. About its Developer mode, and all other stuff that... Read more
symptoms of an infected computer

How to know if your computer is infected

Nowadays, files, music, movies, videos, almost anything you want can be downloaded directly from the internet – for free.... Read more
2nd Generation Moto E

2nd Generation Motorola Moto E Review

One of the most efficient but inexpensive smartphones in the market is sale on Lazada right now (aff link). The... Read more
Repairing your earphones by yourself

Repairing your earphones by yourself

There are instances when we are listening to good music and suddenly, the left or the right part of... Read more
What to do with the Old laptop

Things you can do with your old laptop

With the fast approaching new and advanced technologies, we cannot resist to be a part of it. From smartphones,... Read more
Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 - MacBook laptop alternative

4 Cheaper MacBook Laptop Alternatives

We all know that Apple products are sophisticated; the materials are complex, the experience is smooth, and do not... Read more

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