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Civil Service Exam

List of exempted to take Civil Service Exam

As mentioned in our previous articles, people who are yearning for a position in the government bodies are required... Read more

How to Apply for DOST Scholarship – Academic Year 2020-2021

If you're interested to apply for the DOST Scholarship for Academic Year 2020-2021, here's everything you need to know... Read more
Civil Service Exam Honor Graduates Eligibility Requirements

Civil Service Exam Honor Graduates Eligibility Requirements and Procedure how to submit

If you have been following us this whole time, then you probably have read the article about the CSE... Read more
TESDA offers Foreign Language Courses

TESDA offers Foreign Language Courses for Free

There are people who prefer to take shorter term courses than the regular 4-year course – these people tend... Read more
Top universities and colleges in the Philippines

Top Universities and Colleges in the Philippines

They say that education is the best investment a person can make. This is because learning is the best... Read more
Philippine Military Academy

How to Apply for Philippine Military Academy (PMA) – Requirements and Procedure

Anyone of you dream of being one of the majestic soldiers to protect and serve your country? Well here... Read more
CPD Units

How to Earn CPD units for PRC License Renewal

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) officially released a statement as regards the full implementation of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)... Read more
CSC Exam

Professional and Sub-Professional Civil Service Exam Schedule and Requirements – 2019

Professional and Sub-Professional Civil Service Exam Schedule 2019. Every year, the Civil Service Commission lets next generation professionals partake... Read more

What Are The State Universities And Colleges, Local Universities And College Covered By The...

It was last Thursday  when President Rodrigo Duterte signed a law providing free education for over a million students... Read more
Online Course

6 Online Places where you can Educate Yourself for Free

It is true that we got the world in our hands whenever we’re connected to the internet; we can... Read more

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