Collections of some basic Guides and Tips how to start your own blog/website, how to monetize blogs using advertising networks and affiliate marketing to make it your primary source of income.

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blog niches for Pinoy

Beneficial Blog Niches for Filipino Bloggers

Blog Niches Defined. Blog niches are obviously characterized subjects or area secured by blog articles composed because of an intended... Read more

10 Best SEO Tips for Online Writing

Website content is among the crucial aspects of internet search engine promotion nowadays.  If you're publishing for your own... Read more
Start a blog

How to Start a Blog for free

If you want to share your knowledge or your expertise to the public it is very easy nowadays, we ... Read more

How to Install WordPress on HostGator cPanel using QuickInstall

WordPress is a one of the most powerful blogging software used by over 90 million websites, a Content Management... Read more

How to Create WordPress Child Theme Without using @import

If you're reading articles how to customize the theme of your WordPress website, especially if you're using premium themes... Read more
Adaptive Web Design vs Responsive Web Design

Choose Wisely: Adaptive Web Design vs Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design and adaptive web design are two approaches to web designing that can be employed to create... Read more

Transitional Words And Phrases: What Are They For?

In writing, there are a lot of techniques you can use to make your readers understand what you're talking... Read more

How to Detect and Fix Broken Links on WordPress Website

Broken links according to the dictionary is a connection in an HTML document to a URL that is not... Read more
Learn WordPress

How to learn WordPress in a week or less?

Are you looking to develop a strong knowledge and a sound background of WordPress? For starters, the good news... Read more
efrennolasco website blueprint Blueprint

If you are planning to build your own website or blog like this (, these are everything that goes... Read more

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