Collections of some basic Guides and Tips how to start your own blog/website, how to monetize blogs using advertising networks and affiliate marketing to make it your primary source of income.

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know what font use in web page

Easily Know what Font Used on a Web page

Sometimes we visit a page that has a clean typography style, spacing, line-height, color, weight, is almost perfect in our... Read more

How to Detect and Fix Broken Links on WordPress Website

Broken links according to the dictionary is a connection in an HTML document to a URL that is not... Read more
How to Secure Website

Securing A Website Against Malwares And Hackers – Pro Tips To Consider

One may think that his website has nothing to be hacked for, but this is not the fact. No... Read more
how to optimize website images

How to Optimize Website Images

Speed is one factor to make your website successful. The users will leave immediately if your site takes time... Read more

2 Steps to Add Meta Description on Individual Blogger Post

To make your page SEO friendly proper implementation of meta tags is the first thing you should know, this... Read more
efrennolasco website blueprint Blueprint

If you are planning to build your own website or blog like this (, these are everything that goes... Read more

How to Install WordPress Plugin

One of the best features of WordPress is having a plugin that can easily install to add more customization.... Read more
How to speed up SEO for new Websites

How to Speed Up SEO for Your New Website

A website without SEO is almost like a car without wheels. You can park it in a corner, but... Read more
How to Customize WordPress widget

How to Customize Specific WordPress Widget

WordPress themes tend to use almost the same CSS styling rules in their widgets like the one you'll see... Read more
web based writing tools

7 Useful Online Writing and Editing Tools for Professional Bloggers

Students, professional writers and bloggers, or people who wants to enhance their writing skills, check these Useful Online Writing and Editing Tools for Professional Bloggers Read more

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