Collections of some basic Guides and Tips how to start your own blog/website, how to monetize blogs using advertising networks and affiliate marketing to make it your primary source of income.

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Fix no thumbnail issue wordpress

WordPress: How to Fix No featured thumbnail issue on facebook share

Yesterday I've noticed that when I share my post to my Facebook Fanpage, my feature image was not showing,... Read more
AMA Online University

AMA Online University – Get Your Degree

With the technology, we can now perform and do a lot of things in the internet and yes –... Read more

How to Create Website in Three Steps

Creating a website is difficult if you don't have enough experience in web development which only people with a... Read more
Start a blog

How to Start a Blog for free

If you want to share your knowledge or your expertise to the public it is very easy nowadays, we ... Read more
efrennolasco website blueprint Blueprint

If you are planning to build your own website or blog like this (, these are everything that goes... Read more
Learn WordPress

How to learn WordPress in a week or less?

Are you looking to develop a strong knowledge and a sound background of WordPress? For starters, the good news... Read more

Is it Easy to Create your Own Website?

Creating a website is not so much a feat, if we compare it to the education of other technical... Read more
I quit my Job

More than A Year Since I Quit my Job

Today, 6th of October 2014, its exactly One year and 1 month since I quit my job. To all... Read more
How to speed up SEO for new Websites

How to Speed Up SEO for Your New Website

A website without SEO is almost like a car without wheels. You can park it in a corner, but... Read more
know what font use in web page

Easily Know what Font Used on a Web page

Sometimes we visit a page that has a clean typography style, spacing, line-height, color, weight, is almost perfect in our... Read more

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